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Catamaran Adventures

Are you looking for a unique way of exploring the Hawaiian islands with a custom-curated experience away from the mainstream crowds? With our private catamaran charters, you can control where you go and what you do! The possibilities to explore any Hawaiian islands (weather-dependent) are endless! Our charters depart from Waikiki on the island of Oahu. From there, we build an itinerary based on your dream adventure on the water. We have pre-planned packages to help get you started!

Below you will find pre-built packages to choose from. These are entirely customizable to suit your needs or liking. Charter length times start at 2 hours and can be spent on the water snorkeling in the beautiful waters of Waikiki or looking for wildlife like humpback whales. Choose to explore one of Hawaii's most popular turtle snorkeling spots: Turtle Canyon, or visit several Hawaiian islands on a luxurious 5-day, 4-night adventure!

What's Included 

The base price of all boat charters includes the full use of the catamaran and its equipment. An experienced, licensed captain and crew are included, as well as equipment like snorkeling gear, towels, ice, water, and local snacks. If you're having a fantastic time and want to spend more time on the water, all charter times can be increased while you relax for a discounted hourly rate! 

Half Day Adventures
Oahu Ocean Adventure Plating Private Catamaran Cruise
Oahu Ocean Adventure Deck Setup For Private Catamaran Cruise
Couple Enjoying Private Catamaran Cruise with Diamond Head in the Background
Oahu Ocean Adventure Bedroom For Private Catamaran Cruise
Oahu Ocean adventure Catamaran

Half Day Catamaran Boat Adventures

2-6 hours - ($349/hour)

Choose any of the following options or combine them any way you’d like and set sail for the adventure of a lifetime! 

Snorkeling Catamaran Boat Cruise

Jump into the spectacular blue waters off Oahu's south shore in the Waikiki, Honolulu, and Diamond Head area. Catch a glimpse of magnificent marine life like Green Sea Turtles, Spinner Dolphins, and Tropical Reef Fish at one of our favorite snorkel sites, Turtle Canyon! We also have dive locations in the Hawaii Kai area along the coast between China Walls and Hanauma Bay, and with our catamaran, the boat ride couldn't be more relaxing. While on our way to dive locations located past Diamond head, there is a chance to see whales! During their time in Hawaii, whales sing long beautiful songs to attract mates. While diving along the walls near Hanauma bay, these songs echo through the water, amplifying them. 



Sunset Catamaran Boat Cruise

Looking to capture the most magnificent moment of the day as the sun sets below the horizon along the Honolulu and Waikiki coastline? This boat adventure runs from Ala Wai Harbor to Diamond Head and back. Relax as you gaze upon the beauty of the Waikiki coastline with your friends or family while you create memories that will last a lifetime. Many guests have been lucky to encounter Green Sea Turtles, Hawaiian Spinner Dolphins, Hawaiian Monk Seals, Humpback Whales (seasonal), and the rare green flash! During your private catamaran boat charter, you will have the opportunity of snorkeling at the famous Turtle Canyon. There you can witness Green Sea Turtles having their shells cleaned by schools of Surgeonfish or simply relax and swim right in front of Waikiki Beach with a gorgeous sandy bottom.

Catamaran Whale Watching Boat Cruise

Observe Hawaiian Humpback whales and their journey to Hawaii for the warmer waters to breed and give birth to their calves. This excursion is guided by a knowledgeable crewmember with years of boating experience in the waters of Oahu. This is a seasonal activity which is offered between mid-December and April. We guarantee Whale sightings or we will take you out on another catamaran boat cruise for free!!


Friday Night Fireworks Boat Cruise

The Hilton Hawaiian Village has an epic firework show every Friday night, and going on a private catamaran boat cruise is the best way to beat the crowds and enjoy the Waikiki coastline. With our friendly crew excited to catch the show with you, there is simply no better way to enjoy the show. 


Start or end your trip to Hawaii with a bang! Watch this beautiful firework show from the best seats in Waikiki with Oahu Ocean Adventures. Watching the lovely lights reflect off the ocean right off of Waikiki beach is an unforgettable sight that is sure to highlight your trip to Oahu. Relax on the bow of our sailboat with cushioned chairs or choose to lay on the front netting so you can feel the Hawaii ocean breeze!

Full Day
Oahu Ocean Adventure Plating Private Catamaran Cruise
Oahu Ocean Adventure Deck Setup For Private Catamaran Cruise
Couple Enjoying Private Catamaran Cruise with Diamond Head in the Background
Oahu Ocean Adventure Bedroom For Private Catamaran Cruise
Oahu Ocean adventure Catamaran

Full Day Catamaran Boat Adventures

8-12 hours - ($249/hour)

Looking to spend the whole day out on the water, tired of all the crowds in Waikiki? Join us for a full-day charter and keep the good times rolling. You have the option to spend the whole day doing what you want! Choose one of the options from our half-day charters, or do them all! With our Full day private charters, you can go further and explore the North Shore of Oahu or relax at the infamous Kaneohe Sandbar! 


Looking to spend the day on the North Shore of Oahu on your own private catamaran and explore all it has to offer? This charter packs everything you could ever want to do on the North Shore of Oahu and more! Skip the traffic from Laniakea beach, "Turtle Beach," and come for a ride along the famous North Shore to see some of the world's most renowned surfing locations, Sunset Beach and Bonzai Pipeline, with the tallest point on Oahu, Mount Ka'ala, in the background. Anything can happen on our journey, so keep an eye out for resting Hawaiian Spinner Dolphins in Waimea Bay, breaching Humpback Whales (seasonal), and the famous Ewa Bird soaring overhead. Once arriving at our dive location, an in-water snorkel guide will accompany you in the water for your safety. Our guide will highlight marine life, identify fish species, and showcase what makes Sharks Cove and Three Tables a unique place. Green Sea Turtles, schools of Convict Tangs, Parrotfish, and some of the clearest blue waters on Oahu can be found in these areas. While enjoying the beautiful water of the North Shore, There's no better place to watch a Hawaiian sunset! While watching the sun gracefully set, guests have been lucky enough to witness pods of Hawaiian spinner dolphins, humpback whales (seasonal), and even pods of Melon Headed Whales, Pilot Whales, and False Killer Whales on rare occasions. 


Another great option (and one of the coolest things Oahu has to offer) is the Kaneohe Sandbar. Located just 16 miles from Waikiki on the east side of Oahu in Kaneohe Bay, it is one of the world's largest sandbars where people pull their boats up, park and relax, snorkel, and have some of the best parties on the island! With our private catamaran charters, you can party in style! BYO style, so feel free to bring drinks, snacks, lunch, dinner, or anything else you feel would elevate your experience! We all offer exclusive packages with DJs and live music to make sure to ask for available artists! The Kaneohe Sandbar is an absolute must for people visiting the island of Oahu, so why not experience it in style!

Overnight Charters

Overnight Catamaran Charter

24-30 hours - ($150/hour)

One of our favorite adventures is a beautiful overnight journey to the west side of Oahu! Sail into the sunset from Waikiki, enjoying a lovely dinner. Anchor overnight on the most exclusive side of Oahu to stargaze, where the milky way can be seen in all its glory. Wake up, enjoy a breakfast of muffins, fruit, coffee, and juice, and get ready to dive into the clearest waters of Oahu. Spend the day looking for fantastic wildlife like Pilot whales, melonhead whales, Hawaiian spinner dolphins, and other deep sea creatures. Enjoy snorkeling in some of Oahu's clearest and pristine waters before returning to Waikiki.

Multi-Day Charters

Multi-Day / Night Catamaran Charters

5 days 4 nights - $100/hour

Easily the most exclusive way to explore the Hawaiian Islands is to travel on your own private chartered catamaran. Skip the flights, hotels, taxis, and crowds of people while you see a side of Hawaii that very few people ever get to experience on our multi-day adventures. Below is a preview of our 5-day, 4-night adventure around Lanai, Maui, and Molokai. These charters are entirely customizable to fit your dream!  

Day 1

This one-of-a-kind adventure starts in Waikiki on the Island of O’ahu. From the dock in Honolulu, we will enjoy a beautiful sunset then set sail and begin our journey to the Island of Lana’i! Lana’i is a truly remote place with a population of around 3,000 people. Some of the most untouched reefs in the Hawaiian chain are just off of Lanai's south shore. The water is filled with turtles, bright coral reefs, fish, manta rays, and more! This island’s beauty is truly one of a kind, we always have a hard time saying goodbye!

Night 1

Wave aloha to the island of O’ahu after you enjoy a breathtaking sunset along the Waikiki coastline! Night one consists of our passage to Lana’i. Enjoy your dinner and sunset, then get cozy in one of the bedrooms and enjoy the ride! Close your eyes and dream about the day you will have when you reopen them in the morning!

Day 2

Wake up to an amazing golden sunrise with stunning mountain views and spend the day snorkeling, diving, spearfishing, and exploring Lanai's beautiful underwater coastline! Enjoy lunch on the boat in the late afternoon while we make our way toward Maui's South Shore. Many marine mammals can be spotted along this journey – especially whales during whale season! During their season, the waters between Lanai, Maui, and Molokai have been known to be some of the best whale watching worldwide! Experience whales breaching, playing, and mating in the channels as we continue on our passage – a truly one of a kind experience! 

Night 2

We will arrive at a beautiful anchorage near Maluaka beach, where Turtle Town is located! Turtle Town is one of Maui's best places to go snorkeling with turtles! This is just miles from Molokini crater, so it's the perfect place to settle in for the night as we get ready for another beautiful day on the water! During the night at our first anchorage, we commonly encounter beautiful manta rays passing by during the night. With our special in-water lights, we can easily spot fantastic marine animals as they come and feed off the plankton that are attracted to the light. If you would like to dine on fresh fish during our journey, there is always a possibility to catch fish, so this is the perfect time to enjoy a fresh fish dinner!

Day 3

Day three is dedicated to snorkeling at Molokini crater and Maluaka beach (a.k.a. Turtle Town!), two of Maui’s most unique and famous snorkeling spots. We will start the morning snorkeling at Molokini crater which has two vastly different sides to explore. One side of Molokini crater is a shallow calm reef which is perfect for people who are new to snorkeling. For our more experienced snorkelers, the backside of Molokini crater is a beautiful sea wall that has over a 300 foot drop off with breathtaking schools of deep water butterfly fish, lobsters, puffer fish, and more! In the afternoon, we can fully explore Turtle Town to bring your turtle dreams to life! The crater is just a few miles away from Turtle Town, so it's just a quick sail over! If the weather is right, on our way to Turtle Town you can spot the Hawaiian islands Kahoolawe, Maui, Molokai, and Lanai all at once from the boat!

Night 3

We will sail over to just outside the beautiful town of Lahaina, Maui to enjoy a beautiful sunset and dinner or you may choose to eat at one of the local restaurants in this beautiful small town – we have many favorites that we’d love to suggest! Before returning to the boat we will stop at the local supermarket for your favorite store bought ice cream and some snacks to finish off another epic day out on the water and the beautiful island of Maui!

Day 4

We start our final full day with snorkeling just outside Lahaina town at Mala Wharf, a broken down loading dock that was once used for shipping pineapples and sugar cane from Maui. This is such a unique snorkeling spot because of all the underwater structures it has to offer that definitely make for a unique underwater photo! For your final afternoon, we will visit Shipwreck beach (weather dependent) on Lanai’s north shore where a massive shipwreck lies just off the beach. If the weather is limiting us, we will spend the day fishing, snorkeling, and whale watching along the south shore of Molokai!

Night 4

Celebrate your journey through the islands with one last dinner and a gorgeous sunset off the coast of Molokai! We can share photos we have all gathered along the way to make sure your memories last a lifetime. Tuck yourself in for the night and prepare for the journey back to Oahu in the morning!

Day 5

Take in your last golden sunrise and prepare for the sail back to Waikiki on Oahu. As we make our way back to our home base on Oahu, keep your eyes peeled for pelagic marine life like whale sharks, orcas, whales, dolphins, and more! This channel is one of our favorites for spotting marine animals and their activity. We will arrive back at the dock mid-day to late afternoon to unload. This journey is filled with so much activity and so many beautiful views that we hope you will carry with you forever!

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