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Fireworks Cruise

Every Friday night Fireworks light up the night sky and illuminate Waikiki Beach. Ditch the crowded shoreline and join us for an unforgettable sailing charter to watch the fireworks burst over the Honolulu city skyline. We can help customize your fireworks experience and create a Hawaiian memory that will last a lifetime.


Join us on the South side of the island, close to the hotels of Waikiki, and watch the colors from the Hilton Hawaii fireworks show light up the night sky with Diamond Head Crater in the background. Watch the show from the ocean on our luxurious sailing catamaran.


Ask about adding a delicious, freshly prepared dinner to your fireworks charter!

Watch Waikiki’s Friday Night Fireworks Show From Water

$89 per person

Hilton Hawaiian Village Fireworks

What to expect watching the Hilton Hawaii fireworks from a boat

  • Where to go

    • The Hilton Hawaii fireworks show sends off from Waikiki Beach and the boat will set out from
      the harbor just before sunset. It is just a short ride from the dock to the best spot to view the fireworks.

    • When you’re stuck on land you are limited by what beaches or parks in Oahu will offer the best view of the show. We can maneuver the boat to the perfect spot on the ocean so you will have a closer and clearer view of the fireworks than you could ever get on land.

    • After booking you will receive a confirmation email with details on exactly where to meet us and what to bring for your adventure.

  • What to Expect From The Boat and Crew

    • ​Our top priority is to provide our guests with a unique and exclusive experience. We want you to be able to ditch the large crowded boats that take up to 30+ people for their fireworks cruise. Instead, our boat only takes a maximum of six people. That way we can give each person individual attention, leading to a safer and more enjoyable experience. We also offer private charters where you can fully customize your Friday night fireworks trip.

    • Each of our crew members are experienced and knowledgeable and are there to assist you in whatever ways needed.

    • We offer fireworks trips on both our 21ft Boston Whaler and our more luxurious 42ft Lagoon Catamaran. Both boats are perfect for kicking off the weekend and watching the show along Oahu’s scenic coastline.

  • Will there be food? Is this experience dinner and a show?

    • You are more than welcome to bring your own food, snacks, alcohol, or drink for your time with us. We will provide a cooler with ice that you are welcome to use to store your snacks.

    • We are proud to say we partner closely with The Aloha Culinary Group for the option to provide quality and delicious meals onboard. Turn your fireworks cruise into a dinner cruise to really amplify your experience on the water! Ask us about dining options when you book.

  • What to bring for the Friday Night Fireworks show in Waikiki?

    • No matter where you are or what you are doing in Hawaii it is always a smart idea to bring along a swimsuit. Depending on conditions and the captain’s judgment you may have the opportunity to jump in the ocean for a refreshing swim.

    • Even though we get to enjoy the warm ocean breezes and tropical weather here in Oahu, as the sun goes down it can get a bit chilly. We recommend packing a light jacket or sweater for the ride back to the harbor.

    • A camera! Duh! You won’t want to miss the opportunity to capture the beauty of the Hawaiian sunset, the fireworks, and all the memories you will make on board. Don’t want to worry about the stress of capturing photos of your experience? Let the professionals take over. We offer professional photography and video packages so you can sit back and relax, while still bringing memories back to friends and loved ones.

  • What You Will See Boating in Hawaii

    • ​Of course, we can never guarantee what the weather will be like the day of your trip but we are lucky that Oahu has beautiful evenings on the ocean.

    • As we drive out to the best possible location to watch the show you can enjoy epic views! Oahu is one of the most beautiful islands in Hawaii. The coastline boasts beautiful white sand beaches, luxurious oceanfront hotels, and luscious green mountains.

      • ​Hawaii hosts an abundance of reef fish species. Many of these are only found in Hawaii and nowhere else in the world!

      • ​Common species we see include:

        • ​Black Triggerfish – all-black fish with an intricate green pattern on the face.

        • Whitebar Surgeonfish – Shallow reef fish sort of brown in color with a white stripe of bar running vertically just behind the head.

        • Racoon Butterflyfish – Yellow and Black fish with a black mask across its face.

        • Bluespine Unicornfish – All blueish, green with a small horn on the front of its head.

        • Hawaiian Chub – All grey fish are often found swimming at the surface.

        • State Fish (Humuhumunukunukuapuaha) – A triggerfish often living just above the reef. Mostly orange with a yellow “V” along its back.

        • Green Sea Turtles

        • Hawaiian Monk Seals

        • Hawaiian Spinner Dolphins

        • Humpback Whales (Seasonal)

    • When the show starts we will play some music and enjoy the sparkles lighting up the night sky over Honolulu.

Firework Display
Red Fireworks
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