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About Us

Aloha! We are a small, family-owned and operated business who pride ourselves on bringing your ocean dreams to life. Our owner and captain, Forrest, has been diving and captaining in waters all around the world and has had the honor to swim with some of the most fascinating creatures. He is a fully licensed and insured United States Coast Guard Captain, a certified master diver, certified freediver, and has been extensively trained in CPR and safety measures. 

Conservation is a huge part of our philosophy and we share our love and passion for keeping the ocean clean on each and every charter. We respect and love the ocean and are committed to leaving places cleaner than we found them. We are excited to have you aboard and leave you with memories that will last a lifetime.


Captain Forrest
King of Fun Facts

Captain Forrest has spent his whole life near or in the ocean. He is a PADI dive master, with a USCG captain's license, level 4 AIDA Free-Diving certified, and member of the United States international sailing team. He has always been involved with the ocean and the wildlife that can be found around the world. His passion for marine life started as a child in the Exuma Islands located in the Bahamas. Growing up in such an untouched place has driven him to want to keep the ocean he loves clean.


On every charter, we do our best to take as much trash out of the ocean so we can leave it cleaner than we found it. He has spent years documenting wildlife via photography so he can help spread his love and hopefully inspire people to help keep our planet clean. He spent the last 8 years working with large sharks on the North Shore of Oahu so you know you will always be in safe hands while in the water.

He is full of interesting facts about the ocean and is always eager to learn new ones, so don’t hesitate to ask him any questions. If he doesn’t know, google will always have the answer!

Captain Tyler
Kung-Fu Master

Captain Tyler is the glue that holds the whole operation together! He can be found helping everywhere and every day with boat maintenance, keeping things clean and organized, helping guests in and out of the water, or simply telling stories. He has spent his life right along side captain Forrest learning along the way! At the age of 12 he was already diving to 50+ feet below the surface on a single breath.


He gets the name Kung-Fu master being an 8th degree junior black belt and has spent time in China studying at the Shaolin Temple. This has always given him a calm, peaceful energy which has helped him achieve such great depths while free-diving. If you have any questions about how to use your snorkeling gear, don’t hesitate it ask!

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