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$99 / person 

(3 person minimum)

Explore the Best Spots to Snorkel in Oahu

Join us for an underwater adventure in search of green sea turtles, Hawaiian spinner dolphins, monk seals, and schools of colorful reef fish while humpback whales (seasonal) can be heard singing underwater.  We aim to give you the best snorkeling experience in Oahu. Our small groups and fantastic locations are perfect for those looking to spend time enjoying Hawaii’s coral reefs. Whether you're a beginner snorkeler or have spent countless hours in the water, we can adjust your trip to fit divers of all experience levels! We look forward to having you aboard and creating memories that will last a lifetime!

Waikiki Snorkeling

Experience the famous turtle cleaning station like no other, with expert snorkeling instructions and all the necessary snorkeling gear guaranteed on every adventure!


Dive into the spectacular waters off the island of Oahu along Honolulu, Waikiki beach, and Diamond Head. Catch a glimpse of magnificent marine life like green sea turtles, Hawaiian monk seals, spinner dolphins, and tropical reef fish at one of our favorite snorkel sites, Turtle Canyon! We also have dive locations in the Hawaii Kai area along the coast between China Walls and Hanauma Bay.


This adventure includes an in-water snorkeling guide to ensure everyone's safety, point out marine life, identify fish species, and showcase what makes Turtle Canyon and other snorkeling spots in Hawaii so unique. While on the water, many species like Hawaiian spinner dolphins, humpback whales (seasonal), bottlenose dolphins, Hawaiian monk seals, flying fish, and white-tipped reef sharks have been spotted on our excursions.


Want to capture the moment you see your first green sea turtle? We can take high-quality photos and videos of your group in the crystal clear waters of Hawaii so you can share your adventure with everyone.

$99 per person
2 hour tour
6 people max

The tour departs from Ala Wai Harbor. Parking is available for $1/hour in the public lot 


  • Snorkeling Gear (mask, fins, and snorkel) 

  • Towels

  • Ice


  • Sunscreen

  • Water / Snacks

  • Dry Clothing


Contact us to learn more 

"This was such a fun experience! Forest and Tyler were very accommodating to my whole family. We had a boat ride for about an hour and then arrived at a sunken ship with many marine animals, including an eel, fish and a reef shark. Forest was very knowledgeable and shared with us many fun facts. This was our second trip and can’t wait for another!"

Trip Advisor, May 2023



Ala Wai Boat Harbor

1 Holomoana St,

Honolulu, Hawaii

We'll meet you at the first dock in the harbor.


​Public parking is available in this area for $1/hour. Be sure to avoid permit-only parking spots.

What to expect on a snorkel trip in Hawaii


  • We offer snorkeling at both the South and North shores of Oahu. That way you know there is always a snorkeling option near you. Try one spot and then if you love it, join us for a new experience on the other side of the island!

  • Whether you want to explore the ocean outside of Waikiki or dive off the beautiful North Shore, you will have the chance to swim with sea turtles, reef fish, and other surprise wildlife!

  • After booking you will receive a confirmation email with details on exactly where to meet us and what to bring for your adventure.


  • ​Our top priority is to provide our guests with a unique and exclusive experience. We want you to be able to ditch the large crowded boats that take up to 30+ people snorkeling together. Instead, our boat only takes a maximum of six people. That way we can give each person individual attention, leading to a safer and more engaging experience.

  • Each of our crew members is an experienced waterman/woman and is experienced and knowledgeable about Hawaii’s ocean life. We will be there to answer your questions about the animals, conditions, and snorkeling.

  • We offer trips on both our 21ft Boston Whaler and our more luxurious 42ft Lagoon Catamaran. Both boats are perfect for enjoying the waters along Oahu’s scenic coast.


  • ​Once on board, the crew will provide each person with a mask, fins, and snorkel. All you need to bring is a swimsuit and be ready for fun!

  • If you are wanting to document your adventure, ask us about adding on a photo or video package for your trip!


  • ​How do you snorkel? Is snorkeling scary for non-swimmers? How long do you need to hold your breath for snorkeling? What will I see when snorkeling in Hawaii? What’s the point of snorkeling? Don’t Worry! Our crew is there to help answer your questions and curb any fears you might have before getting in the water.

  • The team can also go over more advanced snorkeling techniques for those who have had ample practice snorkeling prior to the trip.

  • On our way to the snorkel site, the crew will also go over the safety features of the vessel and emergency procedures. We want you to have the safest and most enjoyable time aboard.


  • ​As we drive out to the best snorkeling sites in Oahu you can enjoy the epic views! Oahu is one of the most beautiful islands in Hawaii. The coastline boats have beautiful white sand beaches, luxurious oceanfront hotels, and luscious green mountains.

  • Join us for snorkeling in Waikiki where you can enjoy views of the Downtown skyline and Diamond Head Crater. Check out our sunset or fireworks cruise here.

  • Or take a cruise down the quieter side of the island and watch Mt. Ka’ala and the famous Seven Mile Miracle of surf breaks on the North Shore on the way to snorkeling.


  • ​Once we arrive at our site the crew will help you get ready to hop in the water. Our trips are guided snorkel tours. There will be a diver in the water with you to ensure your safety but also point out any interesting wildlife.

  • Upon entering the water, you will be greeted by fish, turtles, and other underwater creatures. Our crew will explain the best ways to interact with the wildlife we are viewing so that you can have the best snorkel possible.

Of course, we can never guarantee exactly what might swim by on your snorkel but we have chosen the best dive sites on Oahu to give you the highest chances of seeing everything Hawaii has to offer!

  • Reef Fish

    • ​Hawaii hosts an abundance of reef fish species. Many of these are only found in Hawaii and nowhere else in the world!

    • ​Common species we see include:

    • ​Black Triggerfish – all-black fish with an intricate green pattern on the face.

    • Whitebar Surgeonfish – Shallow reef fish sort of brown in color with a white stripe of bar running vertically just behind the head.

    • Racoon Butterflyfish – Yellow and Black fish with a black mask across its face.

    • Bluespine Unicornfish – All blueish, green with a small horn on the front of its head.

    • Hawaiian Chub – All grey fish are often found swimming at the surface.

    • State Fish (Humuhumunukunukuapuaha) – A triggerfish often living just above the reef. Mostly orange with a yellow “V” along its back.

  • Turtles

    • ​Green Sea Turtles are some of the most exciting animals we might encounter on our snorkels! The turtles are often curious of people and hang out along the reef where they eat seaweed and get their shells cleaned by small reef fish.

    • While they often spend time along the bottom, every few minutes they have to come up for air where we can get a closer look!

    • HOW CLOSE CAN I GET? We always want to give the wildlife their space and view them from a respectful distance. Giving the turtles a few feet of space often lets them feel more comfortable and they will likely spend more time with us. If they come up closer to us, we will stay still and watch them until they are ready to swim away. We never chase or harass wildlife!

    • DO NOT TOUCH THE TURTLES Not only is it illegal, but touching the turtles can disturb their behavior and cause them to be fearful of humans in the future. If you cannot follow the rules we reserve the right to remove you from the water.

    • To learn more about sea turtles and the best ways to interact with them read our friends blog.

  • More rare encounters​

    • ​Sometimes we get extra lucky and encounter eels, small sharks, eagle rays, dolphins, or Hawaiian monk seals! These species are never guaranteed but always super exciting if they swim by.

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