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Whale Watching

During the winter, whales migrate down from Alaska to take advantage of the warm shallow waters to give birth and reproduce. Don’t miss this magical time of year and join us for a one-of-a-kind experience with a knowledgeable crew on whale behavior and what brings these beautiful animals to the Hawaiian Islands! With the option to explore Honolulu and the North Shore in search of these amazing animals, you can watch the whales with Diamond Head, Waikiki Beach, and KoKo Head Crater in the background.


Or over at the more rural North Shore, you can witness these animals launch their 40,000 lbs body out of the water with Mount Kahala, historical Haleiwa, Waimea Bay, Sharks Cove, Three Tables, Sunset Beach, and Bonzai Pipeline in the background. So join us today for the best whale watching in Hawaii and memories that will last you a lifetime!

Whale Watching Waikiki

$99 per person

Observe Hawaiian Humpback whales as they embark on their journey to Hawaii for warmer waters to breed and give birth to their calves. This excursion is guided by a knowledgeable crewmember with years of experience on the waters of Oahu. This is a seasonal activity offered between mid-December and April. Whale sightings are guaranteed or we will take you out again!

The tour departs from Ala Wai Harbor. Parking is available for $1/hour in the public lot


What's included:

  • Towels

  • Ice

  • The coolest crew on the Island!

Be sure to bring:

  • Water

  • Snacks

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