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Inter-Island / Multi-Day Adventure

Extend your time exploring Hawaii

Overnight Hawaii Boat Charters

Not ready for the fun to end? Book a multi-day or inter-island trip sailing around Hawaii with
us! Our Lagoon sailing catamaran gives you the luxury yacht experience without the luxury price
tag. Our multi-day trips are designed to help show you the best of Hawaii’s ocean as you
become part of the crew. Learn more about what it is like to live on the water and get a taste of
sailing life.
Choose from an endless list of activities to enjoy on your trip! You get everything a private
charter offers, just for longer! Depending on the weather and ocean conditions we might even
have the option to travel inter-island. Each day will be spent cruising along Hawaii’s coastline
and adventuring in the ocean.
Start your island adventure now!

What to Expect from your multi-day private charter in hHawaii

- Departing from Oahu
o Our boat will depart from the South Shore of Oahu. After booking a confirmation email will be sent with more information on the exact pickup location.
o The journey will start in Oahu and can take you inter-island, as far as the neighboring islands of Molokai, Maui, and/or Lanai. The ability to explore Oahu and/or travel inter-island will depend solely on captain's discretion based on the weather and ocean conditions. Your safety is our number one priority and we want you to have the best experience possible.
- The Boat and Crew
o Our top priority is to provide our guests with a unique and exclusive experience. Our boat takes a maximum of six people. That way we can give each person individual attention, leading to a safer and more enjoyable experience.
o Each of our crew members are experienced and knowledgeable and are there to assist you. The best part about our multi-day charters is that you become part of the crew! Get as hands-on as you like with guidance from the crew on the best ways you can help.
o 42ft Lagoon Sailing Catamaran
o Our catamaran features two available cabins each with their own toilet, along with a bed in the saloon which can be converted to a sofa booth and table during the day. Each bed is queen-sized. The boat is ensured for comfort on overnight trips.
o The boat has both indoor and outdoor seating areas, along with a kitchen and loads of deck space to relax and enjoy your trip. You can sit up front in the net hammock, on bean bags, or just lay out a towel on the deck. Or relax on the sofa in the cockpit or lounge.

o Our catamaran also houses some of our favorite water toys like SUP board, floatable water mat, dinghy, and more!

Boat lift on Oahu for Multiple Days

o Sailing around the island of Oahu has so much to offer! Each side of the island is unique and provides the opportunity for different exciting activities. We can help to customize your adventure based on your interests.

o North Shore
 Cruise along one of the most famous coastlines in the world. Known for its beauty and relaxed vibe the North Shore is the perfect spot to enjoy the ocean, especially in the Summer. Anchor overnight in Waimea Bay and jump into the waters in the Pupukea Marine Sanctuary in the morning. The North Shore is where Three Tables, Sharks Cove, and Waimea Bay are located, with some of Hawaii’s most spectacular places to snorkel. See some of the world’s most renowned surfing locations, Sunset Beach and Bonzai Pipeline, with the tallest point on Oahu, Mount Ka’ala, in the background. Anything can happen on our journey, so keep an eye out for resting Hawaiian Spinner Dolphins in Waimea Bay, breaching Humpback Whales (seasonal), and the famous Ewa Bird soaring overhead.

o South Side
 Dive into the spectacular waters off the island of Oahu in the Honolulu, Waikiki Beach, and Diamond Head area. Catch a glimpse of magnificent marine life like Green Sea Turtles, Hawaiian Monk Seals, Spinner Dolphins, and Tropical Reef Fish at one of our favorite snorkel sites, Turtle Canyon! Koko Head Crater sits in the background, where you can hear seasonal whales singing. Friday night Fireworks light up the night sky and illuminate Waikiki Beach. Ditch the crowded shoreline and watch the fireworks burst over the Honolulu city skyline. 

o East Side
 Sail out to the famous Kaneohe Bay Sandbar for a relaxing day enjoying the scenic shallow waters. Bask in the sun with the East Side’s stunning mountains as your backdrop. This spot is great for enjoying the sun, snorkeling, or just hanging out with family or friends.

o West Side
 The West side is known for its gorgeous mountain valleys and pristine clear ocean waters. Join us for snorkels along the reef, fishing offshore, or casual sunset cruises down the coastline. Anchor overnight in beautiful bays and wake up to Hawaiian Spinner Dolphins circling the boat as scenes of rainbows break out in the mountains. Deep drop-offs make this side of the island an epic spot to go fishing both from the boat or spearfishing in the water. Often more protected from Hawaii’s trade winds, this side of Oahu is often a great place to spend the night.

o Awesome activities to enjoy on your trip:
o Fishing
o Spearfishing
o Freediving
o Shark Diving
o Underwater Photography
o Whale Watching [seasonal]
o Friday Night Fireworks
o Snorkeling

Spend a Day on a Neighboring Island with an Inter-Island Charter

o If we are blessed with calm ocean conditions we might have the opportunity to travel between the Hawaiian Islands. If the captain deems it safe to cross the channel between Oahu and Molokai, even more incredible options become available!

o Molokai
o Snorkel along pristine and almost untouched coral reef or simply sail along Molokai’s incredibly scenic coast. Molokai is home to the largest sea cliffs in the world. Watch as waterfalls cascade down sheer black cliffs directly into the ocean below.

o Lanai
o Stop by the historic and charming town of Lanai City and anchor off Mānele Harbor overnight. Snorkel beautiful reefs and catch a glimpse of Hawaiian spinner dolphins cruising down along the island.

o Maui
o Watch Mt. Haleakala tower above the clouds as we sail alongside green valleys. We can anchor just off white sand beaches where you can swim to shore and enjoy some time relaxing in the sand, or stop to snorkel at many of the gorgeous snorkel sites along Maui’s west coast. In the winter months, Maui is famous for its abundance of Humpback whales! Watch the whales breaching and swimming along the coastline.

o Molokini Crater
 Enjoy one of the most beautiful locations in Hawaii, away from large crowded boats. Molokini Crater is famed for its clear waters and abundance of fish. As a marine protected area, life thrives both in the shallow cove of the crater and on the steep back wall. There are chances to see Hawaiian green sea turtles and if you’re extremely lucky the endangered Hawaiian Monk Seal.

How to Prepare for Your Multi-Day Charter

Be sure to have packed enough clothing and necessities for the  entirety of your trip. Don’t forget to pack for both during the day and overnight.

o If you struggle with motion sickness we recommend coming prepared with some sort of over-the-counter medication or visit your doctor to be prescribed a stronger motion sickness medication. We want you to be able to enjoy your time with us feeling great!

o Food is not provided for multi-day trips. Small snacks and drinks will be available on board but meals and any other munchies are the responsibility of your group. We have plenty of fridge and cooler space to make sure that everything you bring stays fresh. There is a grill on board that can be used to cook.
o Come excited to learn! We want to show you all the amazing things involved in living on the ocean, along with the reality of what sailing life is like. This adventure is sure to be an unforgettable experience for both those with tons of sailing experience and those with none at all.

o What to Bring
o No matter where you are or what you are doing in Hawaii it is always a smart idea to bring along a swimsuit.
o Even though we get to enjoy the warm ocean breezes and tropical weather here in Oahu, as the sun goes down it can get a bit chilly. We recommend packing a light jacket or sweater for early mornings or late evenings and overnight.
o A camera! Duh! You won’t want to miss the opportunity to capture the beauty of the Hawaiian sunset, the fireworks, and all the memories you will make on board. Don’t want to worry about the stress of capturing photos of your experience? Let the professionals take over. We offer professional photography and video packages so you can sit back and relax, while still bringing memories back to friends and loved ones.
o Anything else you want for your adventure!

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